Our team

We have long experience from product- and service development, communication and system development and are driven by curiosity and enthusiasm.

We are team players with a large network of specialists and exciting companies who we enjoy working with. Our friends are experts in anything from AI, communication to business law.

Joel Lundgren

Like a mountain. Strong. Resilient. Millions of years old. Full of dinosaur bones. Highly photogenic.

Charlotta Alexén

I think I’m ready to be amazing. I wasn’t sure before, but now I am.

Anders Palm

For just once in my life when someone says "What time is it?" I wanna be able to say "It's showtime", and do a little show for them.

Oscar Månsson Grahn

I know I can be better. But I'm already so incredible.

Robin Johansson

What keeps me going? My desire to crush my enemies. And my sense of wonder.

Jensa Bačík

I work best under pressure. Around 1,013.25 hPa.

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