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Annelie Mårild


Business development and concept development for CRM

Together with colleagues at Propel, Annelie conducted needs analysis, insight work, strategy, concept development, and planning for the implementation of a new CRM system. The client consisted of multiple corporations and hundreds of users.

Product owner and delivery manager for subscription solution

Annelie led a team of five developers and served as the product owner for the development of a new subscription system. She coordinated and oversaw the rollout of the system to around 20 car dealerships in Sweden.

Product owner for business system and agile leader

In her role as a product owner, Annelie was responsible for a team of 20 developers, business case development, requirements management, backlog prioritization, and budgeting. Additionally, Annelie was part of a group working on the company's transition to agile methodologies and collaboration with other product teams.

Project manager for e-commerce projects

As a project manager, Annelie was responsible for project planning, budgeting, release planning, and the launch of a new e-commerce solution. The assignment included regular reporting to the client's steering group and project manager.

Requirements management in Telecom

Annelie was responsible for defining, developing, and implementing new processes for requirements management at a telecommunications company. She also created a 'fast track team' to quickly bring new offerings to the market concerning website, campaigns, and prices.


  • Master’s degree in IT management
    Mittuniversitetet, 1996-2000
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