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Jensa Bačík


Co-founder and product lead of Panelista

Jensa is a co-founder of Panelista, a new solution for personal customer involvement that helps companies across industries make better decisions. Working on the direction and development of the application in which thousands of customer dialogues happen.

Co-founder of Humbo

Creating, designing and developing a hobby project that helps people discover beautiful places around the world, review them, and cultivate a bucket list of destinations to explore. A growing database of hundreds of thousands of places and content introducing them.

Creator of predictive finance app

Jensa founded and created a personal finance application that focused on intelligently providing an overview of the user’s finances across accounts. Using the knowledge of the past spending / earning patterns, predicting the future short-term financial situation of the individual, to help make responsible decisions or adjust the spending behavior based on data rather than assumptions.

Experienced software creator

Jensa was building products and services in companies spanning a range of industries and countries. Working in Czechia, Denmark and Sweden on the challenges in the IT industry, maps, international marketplaces, finance and travel.


  • AP Degree in Computer Science
    CPH Business Copenhagen, 2014-2017
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