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Jessica Ljungberg


Project manager for the launch of a car subscription service

Jessica led a pilot project with three Swedish car dealers aiming to launch a service for subscriptions to used cars. The project, in collaboration with Propel, included business development, concept creation, launch, and system development in the form of an automated site -

Founded and operated an e-commerce business

For several years, Jessica, along with a co-founder, ran their own lingerie brand with an associated e-commerce platform (B2C). She managed the entire e-commerce chain from in-house factory production in Turkey to selling to end customers. The company was sold in 2021.

Developed AI system for e-commerce

As the first employee at re:nable, Jessica contributed to the development of an AI system for automating ads for e-commerce businesses. She continuously tested the AI system for ongoing improvement and was responsible for performance marketing for two of Sweden's largest e-commerce retailers in consumer electronics.

Operated own marketing agency

For several years, Jessica ran her own marketing business, working both strategically and operationally on tasks such as marketing strategies, web design, graphic design, and copy for clients including GKN Aerospace, Fyrbodals kommunalförbund, Promax Industries, and more.

Marketing manager in multiple companies

Jessica has served as the marketing manager for Nordic Mochi AB (Bubbies), Drivhuset Trollhättan, and Varbi. She has also worked many years in sales, both in her own businesses and in employment.

Board involvement

Jessica is a board member in the Företagarna Trollhättan organization.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Media & Communication Science - Marketing Communication
    Jönköping University, 2012-2015
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