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Oscar Månsson Grahn


Product owner for digital subscription and payment systems

Oscar was responsible for the development of a subscription system and a payment system currently used by 20 corporations. He managed and led a team of over 10 developers.

Co-founder of Panelista

In a role leading the development of the digital platform, Oscar co-founded Panelista, a company that assists product owners, business developers, and operations developers in involving their customers in service or product development.

Product owner and development manager at Västtrafik

At Västtrafik, Oscar led the development team and the agile development of Västtrafik's traffic information system. In the same position, he was previously a product owner and project manager for the launch of Västtrafik's new website, and he established an agile development organization at Västtrafik.

Responsible for Swedish Fastighetsförmedling's digital channels

Oscar was in charge of Swedish Fastighetsförmedling's digital channels, including their website with over 7 million views per month. He focused on increasing incoming leads and achieved a 40% increase by optimizing SEO and SEM strategies.

Head of Scandic Hotels' web development and e-commerce

At Scandic Hotels, Oscar served as the product owner for web and mobile sites. He was responsible for web development strategies for e-commerce.


  • Master of science - Business administration and IT-management
    Stockholm University, 1998-2002
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