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Charlotta Alexén


Co-founder and CEO of Panelista

Charlotta is the co-founder and driving force behind the subsidiary Panelista, which provides companies and organizations the opportunity to engage more effectively in continuous dialogue with their target audiences.

Concept development for a new subscription business

Charlotta developed a concept for a new subscription business that has now been implemented in over 20+ corporations within the automotive industry. The concept aimed to transition an existing business support system into a subscription-based model. After concept development, colleagues at Propel took responsibility for system development, launch, and rollout of the concept.

Co-founder of Propel

After a long career in business development, Charlotta, along with Joel Lundgren, founded Propel in 2018. The goal was to create a consultancy driven by solving business challenges and fostering innovation together with clients. Propel is entrepreneurial and specialized in delving deep into business challenges, designing relevant and feasible strategies, and leading the development of new concepts and solutions.

Concept development for a major bank's corporate clients

Charlotta contributed to the development of a concept for one of Sweden's largest banks, aiming to strengthen the relationship between companies and their employees by assisting them with financial and legal matters.

Business development and digital innovation at HiQ

For several years at HiQ, Charlotta worked on concept development and business development for various clients in different projects, including B2B, B2C, and clients in the public sector.

Concept for tailored support for expectant parents

Charlotta developed a concept for a region to tailor support for expectant and new parents, aiming to create conditions for more equitable and responsive work.

Development manager at Forsman & Bodenfors Factory

For several years, Charlotta worked with business development, process management, and change management at Forsman & Bodenfors Factory.

Marketing and sales manager at an MRM startup

Charlotta was involved in building up a startup in marketing resource management, which was later acquired by a large communication group.


  • Master’s in Electrical Engineering
    Chalmers University of Technology, 1990-1994
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