We make innovation happen


We are your entrepreneurs! With our help you can act on new technologies and customer behaviours to create profitable business.

We cooperate with a number of brave companies that want to transform their business through entrepreneurship and the powers of digitalisation. Together we come up with smart ideas and sustainable solutions that really make a difference. Together we make innovation happen!

About us

Propel is a bunch of curious and enthusiastic people with long experience of product- and business development, communication and system development. Read more about us.

Find us

Welcome to our office at Kungsgatan 50, in central Gothenburg. Come by for a "fika" and a chat.


The key to success when developing products, services and operations is to involve your target group. Based on proven methods we created Panelista, an easy and effective way of collaborating with your target groups for new insights.


The starting point for collaborating with Propel is a business challenge. Rapid changes in technology, customer behaviour and sustainability awareness requires action and raises questions like "How do we continue to be relevant for our customers in the future?"

We take an outside perspective on your business and look past obstacles in existing working processes and structures. Together we create concrete concepts and actionable plans.

We lead you through the change and make it work for your business, your organisation and your customers. Together we make innovation happen!

What customers say about us

"Propel has greatly contributed to the structure and speed of our innovation that has helped us with a cultural change."

"The people at Propel are solution oriented and come with focus and commitment. They challenge us in our way of thinking. We think of Propel as if they were part of us, they truly understand our business."