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Robin Wittlock


Co-founder of Panelista

Robin is a co-founder of the startup Panelista, providing companies and organizations the opportunity to develop more precision and continuous dialogue with their target audiences. During the company's first year, Robin was responsible for growth and developed the operational structure that forms the basis for today's sales and customer success processes.

Responsible for the car-sharing service Rulla

On behalf of a client, Robin was part of a team from Propel to develop a strategy, concept, and brand for a new car-sharing service for companies, municipalities, and individuals across Sweden. Subsequently, Robin was responsible for the implementation, management, and growth of the concept and solution. With a high focus on time-to-market, the solution was initially implemented in four cities, and under Robin's leadership, the service expanded to a total of 20+ cities. The service is now being further developed by colleagues at Propel.

Responsibility for the implementation of a national cash register solution

Robin was the overall project manager for a mission within a dealer collective in the Swedish automotive industry to replace the existing cash register solution with a self-developed cloud-based solution. The project involved system development of the solution, rollout to end-users at 250+ different facilities, and the implementation of central support organization and operational routines.

Project manager for the development of a new subscription business

Propel was commissioned by a client to transition a business area from an installment-based model to a subscription-based model and develop a business support system that supported this transition. Robin was the overall project manager for the mission, which included system development of the solution, rollout to end-users in 20+ conglomerates, implementation of support organization and operational routines, as well as business development and change leadership. With a strong focus on scalability in the implementation, the target audience achieved sales of over 10,000 subscriptions within 8 months.

Digital business developer at Liljas Personbilar

As a digital business developer, Robin worked operationally and strategically on the development of digital sales, digital marketing, and digital customer service at Liljas Personbilar. Focus areas included conversion optimization and lead generation, social media, and the establishment of chat and chatbot as a new customer channel to the market. Robin was also involved in business development projects and requirements specification in national projects within Svensk Volvohandel, such as chatbot, e-commerce, and marketing automation.


  • Management & Communication
    University of Central Missouri, 2017
  • Master’s degree -­ Organizational, creative and entrepreneurial
    Linnaeus University, 2016 – 2017
  • Business economics and Management
    École Supérieure de Commerce Et de Management - ESCEM, 2015
  • Bachelor degree in Tourism economics - Business economics
    Linnaeus University, 2013 - 2016
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