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Robert Nordenskär


Business development and CRM concept development

Working with colleagues at Propel, Robert conducted needs analysis, insight work, strategy development, concept creation, and planning for the implementation of a new CRM system. The client consisted of multiple corporations and hundreds of users.

Project manager for the car-sharing service "Rulla"

Propel was commissioned by a client to develop a national car-sharing service launched in 2021. Robert is the project manager and developer of the service, leading the ongoing work with the car dealerships offering the service.

Sales manager in the automotive industry

With extensive experience in both sales and leadership, Robert worked for many years as a sales manager at Bildepån in Varberg. Here, he worked on consolidating sales, service, and after-sales into a single business area.

Leadership team and board involvement

Robert has been part of several leadership teams and served on the board of a company in the car-sharing sector.

Region manager at Telia

For many years, Robert worked on sales and customer satisfaction within Telia's retail operations, in roles such as salesperson, store manager, and region manager.


  • Board education
    Styrelseakademien, 2021
  • Organization and leadership - Business economics
    University of Skövde, 2012
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